Bullet Journal – Why I love mine and why you will too!


Organisation isn’t one of my strong points; which is why I’m always trying to find ways to make life simpler, calmer, and easier to manage. Last week I decided to take 2017 by the horns and get my act together. I created my very own bullet journal, and I’m still pretty pleased with my decision! It was so out of character – which is exactly what I needed.

For me, trying to keep up with wedding planning, job applications, the ridiculous number of courses I do, and general life admin, was becoming slightly difficult to mentally juggle. I have lists and planners all over the place, and I’m no good at spinning plates. That combined with my questionable short term memory, I was encouraged to rethink my life logistics.

Cue, bullet journal. Since its creation, this little pad has become my new best friend.

Okay, for those who don’t know what one is (me last week), a bullet journal is a diary, to do list, calendar and jotter in one. They are the most useful, portable, functional creatures. Designed to make a busy life run more smoothly.

I read about the idea whilst perusing ‘Career Girl Daily’. (A site I love, btw. Check it out here if you fancy reading articles from boss women with awesome career advice.) There’s lots of information online on how to create your journal and what to include, but my favourite’s from Buzzfeed: ‘WTF is a bullet Journal and why you should start one? An explainer.’ They describe the concept in a simplistic way, so you don’t false start and mess up your sexy new pad.

Bullet Journals are broken down into:

Index – Your reference page at the front of the pad. (You need to number each page for this to work.)

Year Overview/ Future Log –  For jotting down events over the next year that you know are coming up (e.g. birthdays, weddings)

Monthly Task List – One page for all the things you need to do that month (e.g. Buy Dad’s birthday present.)

Daily Log – For notes, to-do’s, lists, life updates, thoughts.

Collection Pages – These are what make your journal more than a diary. And they can appear whenever you like. (For example, if you add a new page for the books you’d like to read in the middle of February, just add it to your index!) They can be goals for the year, books to read, diet tips and meal plans, exercise regimes, blog posts – to name a few ideas. These pages help you organise your thoughts and keep track of your progress throughout the year.

How to piece it together:

I have tried to type an explanation countless times on how to set up your journal, but I can’t come close to Buzzfeed. Click the link above if you would like to read an easy how-to! What I will say is it takes minimal time to get going and is progressive, so you can add to it and update as you go – all you need to start is a plain writing pad and a pen.

Why you should start one:

One of my favourite parts of my journal is the inclusion of a ‘Daily Gratitude’ page each month. I think it’s a really sweet addition to your diary. You take one page and number it with the days down the left-hand side. Every day you write one line about something that made you happy. Even if it’s small, the sentiment is designed to be humbling; it’s the little things that count. I used to feel like a bit of a plonker doing things like this, but this is a good life tactic and helps in the quest for mindfulness!

Some of you may be thinking right now, ‘a life journal sounds great but that’s what your iphone is for.’ And you are right, it can be. So I’d say in that instance, you’re good, a bullet journal isn’t for you. However, if, like me, writing your thoughts and to-do’s down paper and pen style helps, I’d give it a whirl. Also, if you’re into pretty stationary, you’ll love it even more.

I’ve high hopes for myself since the implementation of my journal. I plan to no longer only remember ‘the fun stuff’ in life (as Joel would say) and to turn up to the dentist on the right day!

I hope this helps with any organisational chaos you may be experiencing. I’m so glad I stumbled upon the idea of a bullet journal, and hope it’s a habit I stick to throughout 2017.

Here’s to a well planned and calm year ahead!

Let me know how you get on with yours 🙂



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