Zucchini recipe supporting the tastebuds & waistline

Zucchini consumption for your summer bod


summer body meal of zucchini


Zucchini, courgetti, spiralizers, are you well acquainted with these new foodie buzzwords or have you been hiding under a rock in 2016?

Up until March I was hiding under this rock, quite happily just me, enjoying my pasta.

After becoming thoroughly fed up of feeling uncomfortable in my bikini (that’ll be the day, eye roll emoji) I decided I would jump on the bandwagon and overhaul my diet. (Just a smidgen anyway, a girls got to start somewhere).

I heard about substituting pasta for veggies whilst in Australia and subsequently found myself scouring supermarkets for the mystical zucchini. I had apparently ignored them my entire life and passed them off as jazzy cucumbers (I still think they are, aren’t they?).

So here is a recipe I found and adapted (and regrettably lost the source of) whilst perusing the internet for dire help in
1. Finding out what a zucchini is and 2. Help with the summer bod. Also, good news, this dish features a lot of CHEESE.



To serve two people-

Coconut Oil
2 x chicken breasts
2 x zucchini
4 x garlic cloves
1/2 pot of low fat ricotta cheese
1 x medium size bag of spinach
Mixed herbs



Okay, so start off by crushing your garlic cloves and throwing them in a frying pan with some trusty coconut oil. Chop the chicken into small pieces and put them in there with the garlic. Next, season the chicken with herbs and paprika, to taste. (I have a habit of overdoing it with the paprika which results in the occasional abandonment of a perfectly good meal and Dominos order being placed. So, be careful with the paprika, speaking from experience, lols).

Whilst the chicken is cooking away nicely, pop your half a pot of low fat ricotta into a blender with two big handfuls of spinach to make your sauce. Whizz this up until smooth.

Slice your zucchini using a spiraliser, at the time of making this dish I didn’t own one so instead I used a potato peeler which worked a dream. Keep the skin on and slice away until you get to the core with all the pips, no one likes pips.

Put the zucchini and another handful of spinach into the saucepan with the chicken. Add the cheese sauce from the blender and stir through until hot and cooked thoroughly.

Serve with a glass of wine (optional but recommended) and enjoy!


Food is more than just about the necessity of eating for me. I need to feel like I have enjoyed a meal and that it tasted good. I can’t just eat a slice of Ryvita topped with willpower alone. When I’m feeling hungry, darn it I need to eat right that second, so this recipe is perfect. It’s simple, scrummy and quick to make!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not about to boycott pasta (I would never banish you, love you), I have just found a willingness to include some veggies when my jeans are feeling slightly too tight.

Happy eating foodies!


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