Advice for Autumn

Autumn Advice

Hi folks!

So it seems summer is officially over and the nippiness of winter is most definitely upon us.

Primark’s endless slipper-sock range is out in full force, only the very brave are going open-toed and the countries limbs will no longer be exposed, from now until next April.

This time of year is my favourite. I am unsure whether this has been amplified due to us skipping winter last year in Oz, but regardless, I am more than happy with a snuggly jumper and an extra slice of cake.

In tribute to the run up to Christmas, I thought I’d put a post together on how I try and make a smooth transition from Summer into Autumn, for those still pining for the summer sun:

Honey & lemon

Drink yourself some honey and Lemon; I swear by it for warding off the common cold. Maybe it’s my rock solid immune system or drinking honey and lemon is doing the trick. Lots of people I know have been swiped down by the October lurgies and as yet, I have remained unscathed (fyi I always get two decent colds a year, as standard.)

It has taken me to the grand age of 27 to work out Vitamin C is a true friend. As for the honey, that’s just a lil summin’ summin’ to sweeten it up for you.


If you are anything like me exercise doesn’t come naturally. I am the first to admit that I think ‘the more you go to the gym the more you want to go‘ is bloody nonsense and no matter how many times I hit the treadmill I will always struggle getting back on. However, I have come to the sad realisation if I am going to remain healthy I need a balance. I can no longer go for dinner three nights a week and prance around in denim hotpants. So long early 20’s body, sigh.

This time of year is for cheese and red wine and we all know the results of too many of these naughty buggers. So after five months of being back from Australia Joel and I have fiiiiinally dragged our sorry selves to the gym. This way I’ll be able to enjoy the seasonal treats and suffer with less food guilt. Win!

Indulge your passions

My third piece of advice is to do something for yourself.

I don’t mean this in a flimsy ‘do whatever makes you happy’ way, like watch Netflix and eat chocolate off your stomach in bed (snap) but a more, try and achieve something that will make you feel proud of yourself, kind of way. Whether that’s reading, painting, sewing, whatever, self achievement is such a moral booster.

I loved art when I was at school and as it goes, I wasn’t half bad. I picked up a pencil the other day and decided to give sketching a go again. My subject of choice was… a New Forest pig. Unfortunately it was totally shit and my pig looked more like a labrador with a lazy eye (in my defence I didn’t have a rubber) but I enjoyed it and will give it another try. Maybe I’ll bake something next week, look out Joel.

Rediscover your winter wardrobe

How good are winter clothes?

Skimpy summer clothes are pretty and floaty and all that, but the rising hemlines tend to give me angst. I dragged my box of winter clothes out last week and found a few oversized, novelty treats I had forgotten and fell in love with them all over again. I’m not sure I can hold off from wearing my Christmas onesie paired with my enormous dressing gown much longer.

Also, Autumn rocks because, shoe boots. The single best footwear creation known to man.

Read this book 

So this is my final piece of advice… have a read of ‘The Little Book of Hygge’.

From the Happiness Research Institute, Copehagen, Denmark, this book will tell you how the Danes do it and remain one of the happiest nations on earth.

Hygge doesn’t have one definative meaning but has been described as ‘cosiness of the soul’ and ‘taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things’.

From consistently lighting candles to what to wear and how to decorate to keep you happy, this book gives you all the pointers you need to keep your chin up this winter.

If you have a thing for pretty lookin’ hardback books, Hygge equals instant joy.


So there you have it, my Autumn moral boosters.

Keep cosy kids and let me know your winter warmers!




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